How to Buy Bitcoin in Germany in 2021 with BISON App

There are many ways you can buy bitcoin in germany, one such method is using a German app with which you can trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as well as learn how to trade crypto using simulated trading.

BISON shows you the beauty of the crypto world without any complicated processes. You can buy and sell Bitcoin & Co. instantly and effortlessly, while also keeping up with social media buzz. With BISON you’ll stay on top of your investments and be informed about the conditions of the crypto market.

Using BISON is very easy – you don’t need a wallet, a security account, etc.  to work with BISON. Simply download the app, register, get verified, transfer money, and you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies in the BISON app. BISON does not charge trading fees – it allows free-of-charge trading of cryptocurrencies. With BISON there are no transaction fees or similar charges. You get the price shown in the app. We earn money from the margin between buy and sell prices that we offer for cryptocurrencies. BISON is smart – thanks to Cryptoradar. The artificial intelligence analyses Twitter to illustrate the crypto community’s market sentiment and opinion for you.

BISON adapts to the language settings of your smartphone. If you don’t have German as your selected language, BISON is available in English for you.

Active BISON is only offered in Germany. Citizens of the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland are subject to the passive freedom to provide services. This means that EEA citizens and citizens of Switzerland who wish to become a BISON customer on their own initiative can download the BISON App, register and trade.

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*None of this is meant to be considered as investment advice, as I am not a financial expert and am only sharing my experience with stock investing. The video and article are accurate as of the posting date but may not be accurate in the future.

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