Stock Portfolio Update – 26% Loss but I am not selling

Today I will give you guys my stock portfolio update, which ETFs and Stocks I have invested in, how much profit I have gotten and How I handle Loses.

So it is been almost half a year since I made my last portfolio update. A lot has changed since then. My biggest holdings are different compared to my last update and so is my profit percentage.

Overall I have invested in 49 individuals stocks and 4 ETFs, but 9 of the stocks and the 4 ETFs make up 80 percent of my portfolio so I will go through just the top 13 Holdings. I have discussed the 4 ETFs in detail in an article on 4 Best investments in 2020.

Each month I invest 750€, I vary how I invest month to month. For example, for the month of June, I will be investing all of this amount in the 4 ETFs. I will go through the distribution later in the video.

That is 400€ in MSCI world, 180€ in MSCI world Emerging markets, 180 Sp500IT, and 152€ in Core SP500. I have set up a savings plan that executes twice a month automatically. If you are interested, you can me my article on how to set up a savings order in trade republic!

As I said almost 40% of my stock portfolio update consists of these 4 ETFs. I think I want to bring it to 50% as I would need less time managing my portfolio. For each and every individual stock, I need to at least look at how the company is performing to take decisions on them. This said all my major holdings aren’t gonna just lose their value as they are already established companies. But the smaller holdings are focused on growth so they do fluctuate a lot.

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*None of this is meant to be considered as investment, legal or tax advice . As I am not a financial expert nor a tax consultant please do your own reasearch and come to your own conclusions I am only sharing my experience with stock investing. The video and articles are accurate as of the posting date but may not be accurate in the future.

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