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Cryptocurrency Taxes in Germany

cryptocurrency taxes in Germany

Today I want to talk about Cryptocurrency taxes . What transactions are considered as taxable events and what are not. Cryptocurrency investing is not like investing in the stock market. Crypto is usually considered as property. So these actions can…

How to START a YouTube Channel in 2021

How to START a YouTube Channel in 2021

Hi everyone, I want to urge you to start your own YouTube channel in 2021 as it can be your best financial decision of 2021! ???? Download my Free Ebook Related Videos: ???? How to Open Trade Republic Account ????…

Bitcoin to $100k – What you need to know

bitcoin to 100k

With the increase in adoption of Cryptocurrencies world wide, Bitcoin being the first is obviously the best selection for many. One question that everyone has is how high will it go ? Bitcoin to $100k ? Being a deflationary currency…