Top 5 Tips For Your German CV

German or English?

It all depends on the job posting. If the company needs someone with just English language skills, then go on with English language and write your resume in English otherwise always make your CV in German language


Use the Standard Format

Unless it is explicitly said in the job posting that you have to use an X or Y format, you should always use the standard German format.


Use a Professional Photo

Try to share a picture where you are smiling, if you wear glasses dont worry share a picture with your glasses. Also please update your picture, if you have gained weight and you share an old picture where you were thin.


Use a Professional EMAIL

Please create a new email address and not use that weird, email address that you’ve been using since you were a kid. Make it professional so that other people also take you seriously.


No Hobbies! How?

You might not think that hobbies is not an important section, but believe me, it plays a really large role. Especially if you do not have much work experience. Every single point that you put in your hobby section can mean something else.