At Ahsan Finance, my mission is to empower individuals in Germany to achieve financial freedom. I believe that everyone has the right to live the best life possible, and I accomplish this by providing insightful articles and videos on personal finance in Germany. Through  educational resources, I aim to inspire and equip expats in Germany with the knowledge and tools needed to make informed financial decisions and achieve their dreams.

About Ahsan

Hey Friends, my name is Ahsan I am a Research Associate in a Research Institute in Germany. I came to Germany as a Masters student to do Masters in Biomedical Engineering back in 2015.

Coming from a very large city (Karachi) in Pakistan, coming to a small town in Germany was a huge cultural shock. The differences in the culture were profound! 

The weather more specifically was and is attrocious 😂. Life as a student in Germany was a bit difficult in the beginning. I had never lived away from my family as is the case with most people from my region. Living in Germany was something I had to learn, studies not so much.

As a non-EU student one of the biggest concern that I had was funding and the blocked account as most of you might be aware of. The dwindling down of resources and the anxiety of seeing my bank account drain was horrifying! This was partly because of my lack of German skills and partly due to me being unlucky and not being able to find a job in my tiny city.

After struggling to get a job for 7 months I finally got my first job in my University as a HiWi. As luck would have it I got another job in a research institute after a couple of months. This is where I wish I knew that Having 2 jobs at the same time made me obliged to submit a tax return as a Student in Germany. This lead to some heafty fines later on in my life. I have been working in the same company since 2017 and its great! 

In 2020, I started looking into How to start Investing in Germany. There weren’t much resources available in English which was quite difficult. But then the pandemic situation changed many things. I probably started investing at a very good time near the market bottom in April 2020. 

As I was learning new things I was sharing them with my friends. But this sharing took a lot of time as more and more of my friends started asking me how to get started with investing. It was consuming too much time explaining the same things to my friends, and that is when in August 2020 I decided to start my youtube channel Ahsan Finance.

Ahsan Finance