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Best Bank Accounts in Germany

Looking for the right bank Account in Germany? Worry not we are here to help


  • German Bank
  • Free Debit Card
  • Google & Apple Pay
  • Conditionally Free
  • No Physical Branch


  • German Bank
  • Cashback
  • Multi banking App
  • No Physical Branch
  • Limited Cash handling


  • German Bank
  • Physical Branches
  • Free Joint Account
  • Conditionally Free
  • Only Giro Card Free

What you must Know

Banking as an Expat in Germany

Keep your cash in a bank account that fits your needs. Compare options and dig into the details that help you make smart decisions

What bank account types are there in Germany?

There are many types of bank account options available in Germany. As an Expat you will come across many types: Giro-, Tagesgeld-, and Festgeldkonto. In plain English “Current Account”, “Savings Account” and “Fixed Deposit Account”.

The easiest and fastest way for an Expat in Germany would be to open a Current account. This too can be problematic as most expats in Germany do not have a credit rating (SCHUFA Score) when they arrive. Without this rating many banks can refuse to open an account.

What is a Girokonto?

The Girokonto or checking account is like the superstar of bank accounts—everyone loves it because it’s perfect for your everyday expenses! You can access your money whenever you need it to cover your daily payments and keep things running smoothly. Current accounts come with a bunch of handy services to make your life easier.

While traditional branch banks may charge fees for managing your account, direct banks offer the great advantage of free checking accounts. However, since you have such flexible access to your funds, don’t expect to earn any interest on them. So, it’s not the best choice for your long-term savings or emergency funds. Keep your nest egg somewhere else!

What is a Tagesgeldkonto?

The Tagesgeld or Savings account is like having your money on speed dial—it’s available to you every single day, just as the name suggests. However, you can’t access the money directly; you’ll need to transfer it to your trusty checking account, also known as the reference account.

That’s why the Tagesgeld account isn’t meant for everyday payments. Instead, it’s perfect for stashing away some extra cash for short-term savings goals.

What is a Festgeldkonto?

When it comes to investing your money for the short to medium term, you encounter a little challenge. The time frame is too short for stocks, and traditional checking or overnight deposit accounts offer measly interest rates at best. But fear not, because there’s a cool alternative: the Fixed Deposit Account!

Here’s how it works: the longer you keep your money locked in, the more interest you’ll earn. Sure, the interest rates may not be mind-blowing, but they’re better than what you’d get on a regular checking or overnight deposit account.

Just keep in mind, with a time deposit account, you won’t be able to touch your money until the agreed-upon time has passed. So, it’s important to know exactly how long you want to invest your money. But hey, the upside is juicy interest rates waiting for you as a reward.

So, if you’re looking for a smart way to grow your money in the short to medium term, consider the time deposit account. It’s like a little time capsule for your cash, and when the time is right, you’ll reap the benefits of higher interest rates.

Learn How to Open a Free Bank Account in Germany


Current Account / Girokonto


Current Account / Girokonto

  • Free Visa Debit Card
  • Google and Apple Pay
  • Free International Withdrawals
  • Unlimited Free Withdrawals / month
  • Optional Free Savings Account

TF Bank

Savings Account

  • 3.6% Interest p.a.
  • Monthly Interest Credit
  • Swedish State Deposit Insurance
  • High Acceptance Rate
  • Free Credit Card


Current Account / Savings Account

  • 4% Interest p.a.
  • Free Mastercard Debit Card
  • 0.99€ Real time Transfer
  • 4x Free Withdrawals / month
  • Account Switching Service

Your Future

Banking for Expats in Germany

Finding the right bank as an Expat in Germany can be quite difficult. Specially if you have options to open free bank accounts in Germany.

Monthly Fee
Opening Fee
Savings Potential


Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about bank

Which bank account should I open in Germany?

You should have a checking account for everyday expenses. If you want to save, you can open a savings or fixed-term deposit account.

What types of Bank Accounts are there in Germany?

There are many types of bank account options available in Germany. As an Expat you will come across many types: Giro-, Tagesgeld-, and Festgeldkonto. In plain English “Current Account”, “Savings Account” and “Fixed Deposit Account”.

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