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Best Credit Card in Germany

Looking for the Best Credit Card in Germany? Find out which credit card fits you best from Fee and Paid Options. Most banks offer credit cards with a Fee and Expats in Germany often fall for those traps. It doesn’t have to be like that!

TF Bank Credit Card


  • German Broker
  • Free Savings Plans
  • Free Tax Handling
  • Crypto Tax Handling
  • 1€ Flat order fee
Advanzia Gebührenfrei


  • German Broker
  • Free Savings Plans
  • Free Tax Handling
  • Optional Paid Plans
  • Crypto ETPs
Bank Norwegian Credit Card


  • Social Trading
  • Commodities
  • Forex
  • Non German
  • CFD ETFs

What you must Know

Credit Cards for Expat in Germany

Credit cards can be incredibly useful for expats in Germany as, they offer convenience and flexibility when it comes to making purchases. You can use them for everyday expenses, online shopping, and even while traveling within and outside of Germany.

What is a Credit Card?

A credit card is like a supercharged payment card that opens up a world of possibilities. Once your application is given the green light, you’re ready to rock and roll! You can use it to withdraw cash, make payments, and book stuff wherever you go, from sun-soaked beaches to bustling cities.

Here’s the cool part: with a “real” credit card, you get a mini loan each month. You’re given a specific spending limit, and you have the flexibility to pay it off all at once or over a longer period of time. It’s like having a financial safety net that you can rely on.

But remember, it’s important to use your credit card wisely and avoid getting carried away. Paying off your balance regularly keeps you in control and helps you avoid unnecessary debt. So, grab that credit card and unlock a world of convenience and financial freedom. It’s time to make your money work for you!

Revolving Credit Cards in Germany

Revolving credit card is a “real” credit card. The special feature of the revolving credit card is the installment facility. This means that the credit can be paid off in installments.

If you use the installment option, you will have to pay high interest on the outstanding amount. In some cases, the interest rate is over 20%. Therefore, you should settle the outstanding amount directly if possible.

With some credit cards you can set the amount of the installments flexibly, so that a complete settlement by direct debit is also possible.

Some revolving credit cards can also be used for credit balances, so you can also avoid high interest rates. If neither of these is possible, you will have to settle the amount due yourself by bank transfer.

Why get a Credit Card in Germany?

The revolving credit card enjoys a high level of acceptance when a deposit is to be made. Therefore, it is suitable for booking rental cars. In addition, you are granted a credit. This way you can bridge financial bottlenecks.

The biggest disadvantage of revolving cards, however, is the very high debit interest. Compared to a classic instalment loan, the interest rate is much higher. Therefore, you should build up financial reserves so that you do not have to rely on a more expensive loan. This will also prevent you from getting into debt.

Credit card with or without a checking account?

When it comes to deciding between a credit card with or without a checking account, it all boils down to whether you need another account to manage. If you’re already rocking a great checking account that you love, then a credit card without a checking account is the way to go. It saves you the hassle of transferring money to yet another account because the credit card bill is taken care of straight from your current account.

Here’s another thing to consider: some credit cards that come with a checking account may require you to have a minimum income or salary to enjoy favorable terms and conditions. So, if you don’t want to deal with those requirements, a credit card without a checking account is your ticket to simplicity and freedom.

It’s all about finding the right fit for your financial needs. So, whether you opt for a credit card with or without a checking account, make sure it aligns with your preferences and makes your life easier. Let’s keep things simple and stress-free!

TF Bank Credit Card

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Advanzia Gebührenfrei

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Our mission

Use Credit Carefully

Credit Cards do give you access to Instant cash, but using credit can lead to trouble if used irresponsibly. At pfg we want all expats in Germany to be responsible and learn to use credit resposibly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers on the most frequently asked questions about Credit Cards in Germany

Why do you need a credit card in Germany?

Credit cards are like your trusty sidekick, making payment a breeze wherever you go. They’re super handy for smooth transactions, even when you’re traveling the world. But that’s not all! Credit cards also bring a dash of flexibility to your financial game. With “real” credit cards, you get a magical credit limit that lets you spend even when your account balance is feeling a bit low. It’s like having a secret power to keep things rolling without missing a beat.

Is an EC card in Germany same as a Credit Card?

The EC card is often mentioned in Germany. By that most people mean a Girocard or a Debit card. It is not meant to be used for a Credit Card

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