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I’m Ahsan – I am a Researcher and a Youtuber living in Germany

On this site we explore strategies and tool to help you achieve your financial freedom. You get answers to questions like How to start investing in Germany or How to buy Bitcoin in Germany and much more!

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Investing in Germany

Investing in Germany

How to start investing in Germany, start with Broker/Depotkonto. Get to know about stocks, crypto and other investing opportunities in Germany

Taxes in Germany

Taxes in Germany

How do taxes work in Germany? All about Stock, ETF and Crypto taxes in Germany what are tax exemptions and tax free profit

Life in Germany

Life in Germany

Get to know about various aspects of Life in Germany like the cost of living in Germany and Much more

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Investing for students in Germany

Investing for students in Germany

Students in Germany can also invest in various investing mechanisms while being a student in germany and having a student visa.

passive income in Germany

Creating a business and Passive income in Germany

Today I want to talk about Passive income in Germany and how to create a business in Germany with Jibran. We also discuss about how to diversify income in Germany.

cryptocurrency taxes in Germany

Cryptocurrency Taxes in Germany

Crypto taxes in Germany are not that complicated but first one needs to know what transactions are considered as taxable events and what are not.

Binance Tutorial for Beginners - binance app registration

Binance Tutorial for Beginners

This post is going to be a Binance tutorial for beginners in which I am going to show you how to set up an account on Binance and how to register on binance.

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