Personal Finance and Investing in Germany

Personal Finance and Investing in Germany

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As an expat living in Germany, I often wondered how Germans save money. This lead me to ask my German friends and Colleagues about this exact question. Based on their advice and recommendation I want to share 15 Simple Tips to Save Money in German.
As an Expat in Germany, it is quite easy to get started with investing in Stocks, ETFs and Crypto. In this guide I compare Scalable Capital vs Trade Republic two of the Best German Brokers that you can get started with!
Personal finance is the process of managing your finances and lifestyle. It includes topics like budgeting, banking, insurance and retirement planning. You can also do things to invest or save money for later in life. Thats why I want to talk about Personal Finance for Students in Germany.
Most federal states offer employees the opportunity to be released from their job for a brief time to take part in training programs. This is know as Bildungsurlaub, Bildungsfreistellung or Educational Leave.

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