How to Move to Germany without a Job

Did you know there’s a way to Move to Germany without a Job using Germany’s version of the Green Card? As someone who has personally navigated the process of relocating to Germany I’ve spent countless hours researching the ins and outs of moving to Germany without a job. I can assure you that it’s not only possible but also a life-changing experience.

Easier to move to Germany without a Job

The passing of the new Skilled Immigration Act has certainly created new Opportunities for Working and Living in Germany. One such opportunity is the Chancenkarte or the opportunity card. This is Germany’s new point based system where you can move to Germany without already having a job offer.

People coming from the EU or the European Economical Area have no visa requirement and have unrestristricted access to the German Labor Market. For nationals from USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Newzealand, Ireland and the UK it is possible to Enter Germany without a visa but there are certain requirements for Residence and Work permit for Germany.

For all other countries, you will need a Valid visa to Enter Germany and need to fulfil certain other requirements to get a work permit.

Job Seeker Visa Options to Germany

Now there are many types of Visas that you can apply for in order to Enter Germany. As this guide is specifically for people who want to move to germany without a job I won’t discuss those option but you can read my guide on potential options to get a Visa for Germany.

Before this opportunity card, applicants from non-EU countries had an option to apply for the Job Seeker visa in Germany. That job search visa required you to provide proof of vocational or academic training. And depending on your studies, you had to either prove good German speaking ability or had to get a special license before you would be able to work. Additionally you needed to be able to provide that you can cover the costs of living.

That job seeker visa was also just for a period of 6 months. But a lot has changed with the Opportunity Card Job Seekers visa in Germany.

Basic Requirements of the Opportunity Card in Germany

To get the Opportunity Card, you just need to show that you finished two years of training or have a university degree.

  • You should also have basic knowledge of German (A1) or English (B2).
  • You have to pay for your own living costs in Germany.

If you meet these requirements, you can use a points system which I will discuss later in the article to see if you qualify . But basically You need to get at least six points to be allowed to work in Germany.

So what makes the Opportunity Card in Germany Special?

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Easy and Fast Entry into Germany

With the opportunity card You can easily and quickly enter Germany . You don’t need to have a permanent job contract beforehand. Instead, you can use the points system to show your qualifications, such as language skills or work experience. This means you don’t have to go through a complicated examination process. The Opportunity Card allows you to stay in Germany for one year to search for a suitable job. You can work part-time or take casual jobs for up to 20 hours per week, and you can also try out Full time jobs for two weeks. With the Opportunity Card, you can take your time to get to know potential employers and find a job that matches your skills and qualifications.

Good Income Opportunity

You can secure your income with the Opportunity Card in Germany and earn a good wage. The card allows you to work part-time and receive at least the minimum wage, which is currently 12.41 euros per hour in 2024 and will increase to 12.82 Euros in 2025.

By working 20 hours per week, you can earn over 1000 euros per month. If you switch to a full-time job, your monthly income will increase even more. Now The amount you can earn depends on the industry you work in and your qualifications. But With the Opportunity Card, you have a good chance of earning a fair wage that will easily cover your daily expenses in Germany.

Guaranteed work Permit

You no longer need a visa to work in Germany if you have the Opportunity Card. Previously, workers from non-EU countries had to obtain a visa and get approval from the Federal Employment Agency with a job offer. But now, with the Opportunity Card, you can come to Germany and search for a job locally, even if you’re not recognized as a skilled worker. All you need to do is get at least six points out of a maximum of 11 points as you will find out later in the video.

German Citizenship with opportunity card

With the Opportunity Card, you have the chance to become a permanent resident in Germany. The initial residence permit with the opportunity card is valid for one year, allowing you to search for a job. During this time, you can try out unlimited trial jobs and work part-time for up to 20 hours per week, with flexible scheduling.

If you find a suitable full time job, you can apply to extend your stay by submitting an application to the relevant Foreigners’ Registration Office. If you decide to switch from part-time to full-time employment, you have a good chance of obtaining a longer residence permit. Providing written evidence, such as an agreement with your employer or a permanent employment contract, is essential for extending your stay in Germany.

Once you have a permanent job, the next step would be getting a PR and eventually the German Citizenship. With the new law you can get the German nationality in 5 years with regular requirements and in special cases you can even get the German citizenship in just 3 years

Point System for the Opportunity Card to move to Germany

There are 5 Categories from which you can get a potential maximum of 11 points in the Opportunity Card in Germany. However you need a minimum of 6 points to qualify.

Profession Related Characteristics

  • You get 1 point if you just have formal qualification in Bottleneck profession. Ill discuss what a bottleneck profession later in the video.
  • 2 Points if you have atleast 2 years of work experience during the 5 years after graduation or acquisition of vocational qualification
  • 3 points if you have atleast 5 years of work experience during the 7 years after graduation or getting vocational qualification
  • and 4 points if you have a partial equivalence of formal qualification which requires further qualification measures. You also get 4 points if a license is required to practise a regulated profession.

Language Skills

  • You get 1 Point if you have B2 level English Skills or A2 level German language Skills
  • 2 Points if you have B1 German Skills and
  • 3 Points if you have B2 German language Skills

Age Limit for the Opportunity Card

  • You get 1 point if your age is between 35 to 40 Years
  • 2 Points if you are not older than 35 years of Age and you get no points if you are older than 40 years of age.

The next two categories are a bit difficult to get points in

You get 1 point if you had at least 6 months of previous legal stay in Germany and you also get 1 Point if your spouse or Life partner meets the minimum requirements of the Opportunity card.

What is a Bottleneck profession in Germany

Each year the German govermnent will release a list of professions where a high number of job openings are present. This list of bottleneck professions will change each year depending on the requirements. These bottleneck professions in Germany include:

  1. Manufacturing, mining, construction, and distribution managers
  2. Information and communications technology service managers
  3. Professional services managers
  4. Science and engineering professionals
  5. Mathematicians, actuaries and statisticians
  6. Life science professionals
  7. Engineering professionals
  8. Medical doctors
  9. Nursing and midwifery professionals
  10. Teaching professionals
  11. Information and communications technology professionals

Here is a complete List of the Bottleneck Professions in Germany

How can you Prove your Vocational Training?

To prove your vocational training, you can use your final certificates or a certificate from your employer. This can be a copy of your training contract or confirmation from the company where you received training. Additionally, the German government will establish a recognition body that will confirm the “state recognition” of your training.

Which Language Test Can you use for Opportunity Card?

To get the Opportunity Card, you need to have basic knowledge of German at level A1 or English at level B2. Other language skills are considered in the points system as I mentioned earlier. However to Prove your German skills you would need a certificate from either Goethe Institute, TestDaF and German Language Diploma DSD. That said further institutes might be accepted, let me know in the comments and ill check if your institute certification is accepted or not.

To prove your English Language skills, you can show a certificate from TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge, AEO or a certificate from your university stating that the Medium of your Education was in English Language

Procedure for Applying for the Opportunity Card and move to Germany?

To apply for the Opportunity Card and move to Germany, you generally have to go to the German mission in your home country. Fill out an application and bring a valid passport. That said the process for your country may be a bit different.

You also need to provide evidence of your education, language skills, and previous stays. Additionally, you must have enough money to support yourself. You can demonstrate financial security with a part-time job contract (up to 20 hours per week).

The authorities in charge will assess if you meet the criteria based on the points system. It’s important to carry appropriate proof, such as employment references or certificates. If you have previously lived in Germany for a while, you can show residency through rental contracts, employment contracts, or utility bills.

This leads to the Most Important Question

When Can you apply for the Opportunity Card

At the moment of posting this video the Application process has not started yet but Starting from June 1, 2024. You can apply for the Opportunity Card and move to Germany at the local Foreigners’ Registration Office or the German mission in your home country. That being said, now is the right time to start preparing for this amazing opportunity. You should prepare all your documents so that you would be ready to send your application for the Opportunity card as soon as the process starts.

Now this opportunity card isn’t the only way to move to Germany without a job. You can head over to my guide where I share many potential options to get a Visa for Germany.

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