Step by step to open Scalable Capital Depot Account

Scalable Capital is the largest digital asset manager in Europe with around 4 billion euros in assets under management. More than 200 employees combines extensive knowledge of the capital market and the financial industry with decades of research experience in risk modeling, know-how on digital business models and technical and legal knowledge. In this video I explain Step by step to open Scalable Capital Depot Account in English

Scalable capital is a Germany online trading platform where you can buy or sell Stocks and ETFs

What are the requirements to Open an Account with Scalable Capital

  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • You are not taxable in the USA (not a “US person” under US tax law).
  • You do not have a place of residence in Switzerland.
  • You have a current account that is held with a credit institution based in the SEPA area.

You can get started with Scalable Capital* here.

Is there a minimum order size?

Yes. The minimum order size is 250 euros when trading via gettex. This basically applies to purchases and sales. The only exception is the complete sale of a position. In this case, the order can also be sent if the item value is less than 250 euros.

What does an ETF savings plan cost?

In the FREE Broker you can buy all ETFs from our PRIME partners DWS Xtrackers, Invesco and iShares free of charge or save with a savings plan. In addition, the FREE Broker offers you another free ETF savings plan from other providers or, alternatively, a free share savings plan. Each additional ETF savings plan costs EUR 0.99 per execution. The sale of the ETFs costs EUR 0.99 per execution.

Can I buy or sell fragments?

Buy fragments: You cannot buy fragments directly. However, with all savings plans we also buy fragments of ETFs for you so that your monthly savings rate can be fully invested. As long as the savings plan is running, these fragments are repeatedly put together to form whole-numbered securities.

Selling fragments: If you want to sell an ETF that has been saved and therefore contains fragments, you can of course also sell the fragments again at no additional cost. In addition, fragments cannot be sold.

What are the trading hours on gettex and Xetra?

gettex: On trading days, Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Stock exchange holidays are excluded . Exchange trading ends on December 30th. at 14:00. On December 31 and 01.01. there is no trading.

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*None of this is meant to be considered as investment, legal or tax advice . As I am not a financial expert nor a tax consultant please do your own reasearch and come to your own conclusions I am only sharing my experience with stock investing. The video and articles are accurate as of the posting date but may not be accurate in the future. * referral link

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