Amazon Visa Credit Card About to Expire

One of the Most popular Credit Cards in Germany, the Amazon Visa Credit Card is About to expire. In this guide I am going to share what you need to do if you have the Amazon Visa Credit Card.

Amazon Visa credit card is discontinued

The Amazon credit card is being phased out. In an announcement, Amazon stated that they will no longer offer their Visa card and have no plans to introduce a new one at the moment. Instead, customers will be provided with a credit card from Berliner Sparkasse, as Berliner Landesbank LBB was the previous financial partner for the Amazon credit card.

However, it’s important to note that the new Visa Card Extra will no longer be affiliated with Amazon in any way. So If you primarily used the Amazon Visa card for its bonus program, the new credit card offer will not provide the same benefits to you.

Till When Can you keep the Amazon Visa Credit Card?

If you are a huge fan of the Amazon Visa Credit Card, just like me. You would want to keep this credit card for as long as you can. That being said, the cooperation between and Landesbank Berlin AG will end soon.

Collecting and redeeming Amazon points at is still possible with your VISA card as usual until March 26th, 2024. Any existing points expire on March 27th, 2024. So please redeem existing points at by March 26, 2024 .

Alternatively, you can use your points to purchase a digital voucher at any time until then to redeem your points at a later date.

Simply put, you would be able to use the Amazon Visa Credit card till March 26 2024.

amazon visa credit card Discontinued (Source:
Amazon Visa Credit Card Discontinued (Source:

How to Cancel the Amazon Visa Credit Card?

If you want to cancel this credit card, you have two options. You also have the option of canceling  your card free of charge and independently in credit card banking before November 30th, 2023 under: Profile > Settings  > Cancellation.

The second option is to simply do nothing. As you would get an email from Berliner Landesbank to renew your credit card. By simply doing nothing , you reject their offer and effectively cancel you credit card. This way you would be able to use the Visa Card till 26th March 2024.

Get the Visa Card  Extra from Berliner Sparkasse

If you wish to continue your credit card, you can apply for the Visa Card Extra. The following steps are required :

  1. Request the contractual terms and conditions by November 20th, 2023 using the button below. In the next step, we will initially provide you with the changed contractual conditions by email for information purposes. If you would like to agree to the changed contractual conditions, you can request the contractual conditions to be signed using the “Request contractual documents by post now” button by November 20th, 2023.
  2. We will then send you the documents by post in December. Please check whether the address you have with us is still current.
  3. Upon receipt, please sign the terms and conditions of the contract at the specified location and return the signed signature page to us in the envelope provided by January 15, 2024 (the date of the postmark is decisive) . We’ll cover the postage.

You should get an email where you can apply for the Visa Card Extra.

Features of the Visa Card Extra from Landesbank Berlin

Here are some of the most Important features of the Credit Card from Landesbank Berlin

1. Installment Account Management

Your new card account is managed as an installment account, regardless of whether you’ve used this option before. This grants you a credit limit, automatically utilized when your card account lacks a balance to cover the monthly billing, minus the installment payment. However, using this credit incurs interest, but you can repay it at any time.

2. Loan Avoidance Through Credit Deposits

You can bypass the loan entirely by depositing credit into your Visa Card Extra account, which covers the invoice amount, minus the installment. You’re free to make such deposits at your convenience. If your deposited credit suffices to cover the full invoice amount (minus the installment), you won’t face interest charges for that billing period.

3. Flexible Invoice Repayment

Monthly outstanding invoice amounts can be repaid in fixed or percentage-based installments. The minimum installment is 5% of the total invoice amount or €50.00, whichever is greater. You’re in control and can adjust this rate at any time, up to a maximum of 50% or €500.00.

4. Handling Existing Partial Payments

If you’ve been making partial payments before your card contract continues on March 27, 2024, your deposited partial payment rate will be carried over.

5. Default Partial Payment Rate

For those not using partial payments at this juncture, a default rate of 5% will be deposited for your Visa Card Extra, which you’re free to modify (up to 50% or €500.00).

6. Interest Rate Details

In the future, the interest rate will depend on a market interest rate (reference interest rate) determined by the Deutsche Bundesbank, accessible on their website. This rate is augmented by a 14% surcharge. An interest rate adjustment due to changes in the reference interest rate occurs without prior notification and does not require your agreement. Presently, the interest rate totals 17.02% per year nominal and 18.41% effective annual interest.

7. Cashback Rewards

Starting from March 27, 2024, you’ll receive 0.75% cashback on up to €5,000.00 in annual sales for every purchase made with the new Visa Card Extra. This equates to a maximum of €37.50 per year.

Annual Fee for the Visa Card Extra from Landesbank Berlin

Here are the specifics regarding the Visa Card Extra’s annual cost:

Card Price

The annual ticket price for the Visa Card Extra is €19.99. The first calculation will occur on April 1, 2024. If you close your card account, the annual ticket price for the VISA card will be pro-rata refunded.

No Credit Transfers

Please note that transferring a balance from the VISA card to the new Visa Card Extra is not feasible. If your VISA card account has a credit balance on March 27, 2024, that credit will be transferred to your currently known account on that day.

Billing Date

The Visa Card Extra is billed monthly on the 4th of each calendar month, and this billing date cannot be altered. Collection typically takes place at least three days after the statement is generated.

Best alternatives to the Amazon Visa credit card

While we await clarity on which successor Amazon will provide, there are several alternative options for affordable and no-cost credit cards. Let’s explore two of the most enticing alternatives:

1. Alternative to Amazon Visa: TF Bank Master Card Gold

The TF Bank’s Mastercard Gold holds particular appeal for travel enthusiasts, thanks to its fee-free structure. The card’s standout feature is its comprehensive insurance package, covering everything from travel health to luggage. It also offers a 5 percent credit on bookings made through the bank’s portal, including rental cars.

However, some aspects of this card are less favorable. It carries a relatively high annual interest rate of 24.79 percent, and ATM cash withdrawals come with immediate interest charges. Unlike some other cards, credit card debits don’t automatically deduct from your checking account, requiring manual transfers. Failing to make these transfers can lead to higher interest rates.

The maximum payment window is 51 days. If charges are paid in installments, a minimum of 3 percent must be repaid each month, with a floor of 30 euros. Learn more about the TF Bank Credit card or

2. Alternative to Amazon Visa: Bank Norwegian Visa

The Bank Norwegian visa Credit Card is another Free Alternative to the Amazon Visa. The card’s standout feature is its great starting bonus and the SEPA autopayment function. It also offers credit card topup like the LBB Visa Card Extra.

They do offer free insurance but not as comprehensive as the TF bank Mastercard Gold.However, some aspects of this card are less favorable. It also carries a relatively high annual interest rate of 19.55% percent. Learn more about the Bank Norwegain credit card or

We will miss the Amazon Visa Credit Card

This was probably the best Credit Card in Germany if you were an Amazon Prime Customer. But like everything else, nothing lasts forever. And it was good until it lasted. The Amazon Visa Credit Card will surely be missed. That said there are many Great Options for Credit Cards in Germany. To check them out, head on over to the Credit Section to learn more!

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